Upcoming ACT live rescue course: June 3rd & 4th, 2023

Meltdowns? High anxiety? Extreme/Explosive Behavior?


We have your way out. 

Watch this 4-minute video of your way out:

"The information and clarity I have gained from the handouts and the sessions have been so valuable…I plan to incorporate the handouts into a support document that I can share with everyone supporting our 25-year-old adult son…I now understand my son’s behavior and know how to keep him out of fight-or-flight. 7 days on we are Neuro-Crash [meltdown] free (our son and us!) and so excited about the improvements and development we will achieve with the knowledge we now have. So grateful and relieved.”

- Cheri H., Mom

Get help right now!

  • Are you feeling lost? Scared? Guilty?
  • Feel like you're walking on eggshells?
  • Wondering if the meltdowns and reactions are your fault, just a product of autism, or something else?
  • Worried about how stressed and anxious your loved one is?
  • Totally burned out from putting out fires and scrambling to avoid the next one?

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Coming up on Wednesday, February 28th at 9:00AM (eastern U.S. time)

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Is the ACT protocol for you? It IS if your loved one...

  • Is 2 years old, 8 years old, 14 years old, 25 years old, 38 years old, or anything in between
  • Uses a lot of language, a little, or none
  • Stims with sounds, objects, movements, or by talking about their favorite subjects
  • Reacts when they're having a hard time by crying, self-harming, swearing, hitting, shouting, pulling hair, throwing things, scratching, curling up in a ball, or shutting down
  • Is having an extra hard time because they're going through puberty
  • Is having behavior issues at school or at home (or both)
  • Seems anxious or depressed - or is telling you that they are

The next ACT live rescue course is coming up in March!

The Autism Crisis Turnaround (ACT) live rescue course is a two-day interactive live Zoom course, filled with people who are going through the same thing you are, that guides you through each of the ACT protocol's five Turnaround Tools over the course of six boredom-free classes. Taught by authors and autism thought leaders Raun K. Kaufman and Kate C. Wilde (both neurodivergent - with a combined 55 years of professional experience), the course shows you:

  • The real reason why your child/adult is having meltdowns and related behaviors
  • Why meltdowns, anxiety, agitation, and extreme behaviors are absolutely not inevitable and not simply a natural part of autism
  • How to turn the whole dynamic around so that your loved one is no longer driven into the Neuro-Crashes that precipitate these reactions and behaviors


In addition to the course itself, the ACT live rescue course comes with:

  • The go-at-your-own-pace Autism Crisis Lifeline instant mini-course, which you can start immediately to begin to reduce meltdowns, lower the temperature, and prepare yourself for the live rescue course.
  • Four-weeks of after-course implementation support

All for just $495 per person or $595 per couple!

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So Who Is Going To Help You Quiet The Crisis?

Author, lecturer, and former CEO Raun K. Kaufman has worked with families and educators for the past 25 years. He also brings his own experience as someone who himself was diagnosed with so-called “severe” (non-speaking) autism as a child.

  • An international lecturer and graduate of the Ivy League’s Brown University with a degree in Biomedical Ethics, Raun has completed lecture tours in the U.S., United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Romania, France, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
  • He is the author of the award-winning book, Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World.
  • He has been interviewed by media such as National Public RadioBBC TelevisionFox News ChannelThe London Telegraph, and People Magazine.
  • As a child, Raun was diagnosed with so-called “severe” (non-speaking) autism and recommended for lifelong institutionalization. Instead, his parents worked with him in a totally new way they developed, enabling him to blossom, grow, and, ultimately, accomplish everything his parents were promised he would not. A book and television movie were made about his journey.

Kate C. Wilde has spent the last 30 years working with children and adults on the autism spectrum and their families, as well as with therapists, educators, and schools.

  • She is the author of the acclaimed books, Autistic Logistics: A Parent’s Guide to Tackling Bedtime, Toilet Training, Tantrums, Hitting, and Other Everyday Challenges, The Autism Language Launcher: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Child Turn Sounds and Words Into Simple Conversations and Autism Abracadabra: Seven Magic Ingredients to Help Develop Your Child’s Interactive Attention Span.
  • Renowned for the courses she teaches throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia, Kate also speaks at worldwide online autism summits.
  • She is a columnist for Exceptional Needs Today, and has written articles for such publications as Autism Parenting Magazine in the U.S. and SEN Magazine in the U.K.
  • She has forever left her mark on the autism world by having, over the years, intensively trained and qualified more than forty professionals who have gone on to help thousands of families, children, and educators across the globe.