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This go-at-your-own-pace mini-workshop will give you a brand new (and much more effective and productive!) approach to your loved one on the spectrum – particularly with regard to addressing potentially problematic thoughts, desires, statements, or decisions they might make. For most of us, addressing statements our loved ones on the spectrum make – statements that push our buttons, seem socially unwise, or deeply concern us because of potential consequences – can feel incredibly tricky, uncomfortable, fraught with pitfalls, and maybe even unsolvable.

Also, this mini-workshop comes with lifetime access (as long as the course exists) so you can go back through it again anytime you feel the need to.

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You love your child/adult on the spectrum. And you say that you want them to be able to learn, communicate, and connect with you and others. But what if you and all the people seeking to educate them were unwittingly blocking their ability to do so?

This workshop will help you understand what your loved one’s three neuro-states are and how to spot them.

And it’s not just about knowing which brain state they’re in (although that’s pretty awesome). It’s about using this knowledge to completely cater how you interact with them based upon the neuro-state they’re in at that particular moment.

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