The Autism Crisis Turnaround is a temporary protocol designed to get you and your child or adult out of a crisis (and drastically reduce Neuro-Crashes). But what about your loved one’s long-term development and learning? The Son-Rise Program® is an educational, developmental program that can radically change their growth trajectory.


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The Children Show Us The Way In…

And Then We Show Them The Way Out.

The Son-Rise Program® gives you the tools to enable your child or adult to:

Form meaningful, caring relationships with others – willingly and joyfully

Move beyond repetitive “stims” – without you stopping or discouraging their behavior

Develop new skills – without you having to push or pressure

Start or grow their language if they are not yet fully verbal

Become more social and flexible in their conversations if they are already fully verbal

Learn self-help/self-care skills such as toileting and tooth-brushing

Become less rigid and more open and flexible

Develop real social and interpersonal skills – together with a genuine curiosity about and interest in others

Raun K. Kaufman on The Son-Rise Program®:


“I was the first Son-Rise Program® child. When I was diagnosed with severe autism as a little boy (no language, hours of repetitive “stimming” each day, deeply withdrawn into my own world, I.Q. tested below 30, recommended for lifelong institutionalization), my parents, authors/teachers Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman, created The Son-Rise Program® to help me. This innovative, child-centered approach enabled my total transformation. My wonderful childhood (lots of friends, academic success, proms, dances, trips, first loves – and, ultimately, graduation from Brown University with a degree in Biomedical Ethics) and my fulfilling adulthood (marriage, lecturing internationally, seminar leadership, curriculum development, authorhood, and deep, meaningful social relationships) is 100% due to this program. So, I love The Son-Rise Program® because of the life it opened up for me. (My father wrote a book recounting our story in his best-selling book, Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues – later the subject of the awarding-winning NBC-TV movie, Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love.)

But there is more to it than that. As I have done over the past quarter-century, I continue to work with children, parents, and educators, and I see what happens when people learn and implement The Son-Rise Program®. It’s pretty astounding. I’ve seen parents become powerful experts in reaching their children – achieving an incredible confidence, comfort, and inner peace in the process. I’ve watched educators and professionals see the children with whom they work in an entirely new light – and then reinvigorate their professional life by helping those kids in a much more rewarding and effective way. And, most of all, I’ve seen children about whom I care very deeply (including my own niece) undergo the most transformative metamorphoses through The Son-Rise Program®, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles – going from isolated to interactive, from friendless to social, from non-verbal to verbal, from dependent to independent, from unhappy to content.”

Kate C. Wilde on The Son-Rise Program®:


“When I was 13 years old, I watched the movie, Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love. This was the true story of how two parents enabled their son to emerge from severe autism. I instantly knew that this was for me, and over the past 40 years, I have not wavered one little bit. I journeyed from my home in England to train in the United States for five years to become a The Son-Rise Program® Teacher and Child Facilitator. But that was just the beginning of what would be three decades of work with families touched by autism. 

I have witnessed over and over again how parents are faced with a profound lack of understanding. And I have also seen how children on the spectrum are “helped” in ways that, despite the best intentions, are coercive, disruptive, disapproving, pushy, and ultimately not respectful and honoring.


I know what it is to devote yourself with your whole heart and soul to a child with autism. I was intimately involved with every part of my godchild’s five-year Son-Rise Program®. And I have logged over 20,000 hours working one-on-one with well over 1,500 children on the spectrum of all ages at the Autism Treatment Center of America®.

And there is simply nothing I have seen like The Son-Rise Program®. I still enjoy teaching it as much as the day I began. It is so deeply respectful of the child. By joining them in their world first, it builds trust, connection, and the relationship necessary for long-term growth and development. I have witnessed so many children, teenagers, and adults grow and blossom in ways their parents (and, certainly, the diagnosticians) just could not imagine before beginning their Son-Rise Program®. It has truly been a most amazing gift to the families with whom I have worked – and to me!”

Founded by Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman, the Autism Treatment Center of America®, part of a non-profit, charitable organization, is the worldwide home of The Son-Rise Program®. They have worked with tens of thousands of people from across the globe and achieved results that have forever changed the face of autism.

They offer a wide range of online and live e-learning courses. Check them out!

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