The Autism Crisis CRISIS

Why Your Child/Adult Is Not the Problem


Okay, here it is! In this (easy-to-watch) video, Raun K. Kaufman and Kate C. Wilde will give you a completely new orientation and understanding of what is going on with your loved one on the spectrum. Get ready to have myths you didn’t even know were myths exploded and replaced with some real, useful, breath-of-fresh-air knowledge.



Reminder: This video will give you a clear, detailed, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel explanation of exactly why…

  • No one seems to be able to give you answers that work.
  • Your loved one on the spectrum is not the problem. (We can’t solve the problem if we’re blaming the wrong thing. As uncomfortable as it might be to say…people are misinforming you.)
  • The crisis is the signal of the problem – not the problem itself!
  • When you uncover and address the problem, the signal disappears. (Psst! Don’t worry – we’re going to tell you exactly what the problem is.)
  • A complete change of approach is the only way out of the crisis you’re facing. 


Register for our Instant Mini-Course, the Autism Crisis Lifeline.

You need help right now. You want to get some immediate techniques to start to turn this thing around.  

You don’t have to wait. The Autism Crisis Lifeline is a pre-recorded mini-course that you can complete today (or finish at your own pace).


You Will Learn:

The 7 Causes of Crises. (There’s a very good chance that you haven’t heard a single one of these before.)

The truth about autism. (Trust us: Most of what you’ve been told about autism is almost certainly wrong.)

The first step to eliminating Crisis Intensifiers. (You can’t put out the fire when there are dozens of things igniting it.)

One Rise Above question that you can ask yourself to circumvent the fear, frustration, and stress that triggers your loved one’s sensory overload (a critical cause of Neuro-Crashes and crisis flare-ups).

3 Lifeline Launchers to get you started. (These are steps you can take right now that will just calm things right the heck down. They won’t fix everything, but they will make an immediate impact.)

The Autism Crisis Lifeline instant mini-course consists of prerecorded lectures, informational slides, and worksheets to fill out between the lectures. 

A brighter day is ahead! Let’s get there!

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Are You Ready For The Game-Changer?

2-Day Online Live Rescue Course


March 22nd and 23rd, 2024


Friday & Saturday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern U.S. Time)

The Autism Crisis Turnaround course is your way out.

You’ll Get:

5 live super-engaging, guaranteed-you-won’t-be-bored classes (one in-depth class each to show you how to use all five of the Crisis Turnaround Tools): 

Question and answer time to get your concerns and queries addressed

Step-by-step instructions to make sure you know exactly what to do no matter what happens

Worksheets to help you put what you’ve learned into practice

Entry into a community of fellow students who are going through what you are and can be non-judgmental supporters to you.

Direct interaction with caring and committed teachers who really understand what you’re going through, love and believe in your child/adult, and have seen (and solved!) everything

I’m Ready for the Autism Crisis Turnaround Rescue Course.

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And here’s something you may not have seen before…

The Boredom-Free Guarantee

We completely understand if you feel like you’ve reached the limit of your attention span’s capabilities with all-the-time online video meetings.

But our live online classes aren’t the attention-span-challenging obstacle courses you’re used to – we promise!

That’s why we’ve introduced the Boredom-Free Guarantee.

Here’s how it works: If, after the first class of this course, you are bored and don’t want to hear any more information, you may let us know during the break that you wish to trigger the Boredom-Free Guarantee. We will then gladly refund your money in full. (Naturally, you will be disenrolled from the rest of the course.) 


What You Will Get From The Autism Crisis Turnaround:

“I just want this to situation to end.”

That’s why we’re going to give you a protocol –  our 5 Crisis Turnaround Tools – designed to end the crisis you’re going through.

“My child/adult flies off the handle so quickly with no warning. I wish I knew why so I could head it off.” 

We’ll show you exactly why. Once you learn to read your child or adult’s SOS (Signals of Stress), you’ll be able to disarm the specific triggers that are setting them off. (We call this “preventing Neuro-Crashes”.)

“I’ve got to get out of the cycle of scrambling to put out fires.” 

Solve the root cause of the crisis rather than trying to stamp out the symptoms.

“If only my loved one weren’t so stressed and anxious!”

Apply special techniques to bring your child or adult’s anxiety levels down (and bring yours down in the process – wouldn’t that be nice?!!)

“I can’t catch my breath. I’m always just waiting for the next disaster.”

You’re not alone. Be the parent you want to be…but don’t always think you can be because of all of the craziness. We’ll show you how.

Plus, we'll help you to: Uncover and eliminate the hidden Crisis Intensifiers, create peace in your home, feel more relaxed and well-equipped, and have a wonderful time with your loved one on the spectrum!

All of the tools provided are also very valuable and well-suited for educators, professionals, schools, and group homes, who deal with crises every day!